ICE student athletes work to build grades, confidence, skills

Sixth grade Northside student Lexi Wilson was one of the first arrivals Saturday morning for the ICE League Season 5 Draft Day at Muncie Central High School.

Lexi Wilson

The tryout was her first ICE draft experience.

Her mother, Ashley Wilson, stood nearby in support of her daughter she described as shy and intimidated by participating for her first time.

“Lexi was non-responsive when she was born, and I was told by the doctor that she would struggle every day of her life,” Ashley said. “This kid has been the total opposite.”

Lexi’s mother said she supports the academic focus of the League.

“I absolutely love it,” Ashley said.

The message aligns with the conversation Ashley has with Lexi every morning before school: Grades are important.

Ashley said she hopes that Lexi’s first-year experience with the ICE League will build her confidence as well as her skills.