ICE League launches its sixth season

The sixth season of Muncie’s Inner City Educational (ICE) League has arrived with the League’s opening event — Draft Day. This afternoon, students will have the opportunity to try out for one of 88 positions within the academically based basketball League. The League is divided into two divisions — boys and girls — and is a League offered cost free to Muncie and Burris middle school students.
“Year 6 feels like Year 1 with the anticipation of ‘What’s going to happen today?” ICE League Co-Commissioner Tom Lyon said in the minutes before afternoon registration opened at Muncie Central High School.
ICE League Co-Commissioner Jon Anderson has spent the past several weeks in schools recruiting middle school students to come out for tryouts on Draft Day.
“There have been two levels of excitement,” Anderson said of the 7th and 8th graders he has spoken with at local schools. “I’ve talked with the 8th-grade kids who have been in the ICE League who nod their heads in awareness because they know the expectations and they know their GPAs. And then there are the 7th graders who are new to the ICE League, beginning to know about their GPAs, and are excited to be a part of it.”